— Danielle Touseant BScPT, B.Kin

I had the pleasure of working with Jewel after I sustained a series of injuries in a car accident. Even after physiotherapy-guided rehabilitation, I still hadn’t fully recovered. I am a physiotherapist myself, which is a hands-on, physical job, so I required a high level of movement and function.

Also, I was accustomed to being active in the gym and running, but realized my functional movement patterns were not optimal, and would continue to aggravate my injured tissues. At that point, I started to work with Jewel.  

Jewel has expert knowledge of biomechanics and anatomical systems that she applies to correct and optimize movement. She found and corrected my compensation strategies and improved my function to a point where I no longer feel pain while exercising.

She has an experienced eye which helps to detect subtle cues, and her she helps people achieve their goals in a fun and comfortable environment. I would recommend Jewel as a Personal Training Coach to anyone who needs help achieving any level of fitness goals. I have recommended her to my own clients, who after working with Jewel have achieved great success.

If you want to have a great experience while achieving your fitness or health goals, Jewel is a perfect coach.