Meet Jewel

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I am a Personal Trainer Specialist and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


I believe in a holistic approach when working with clients.

The wellness approach searches for ways to enhance quality of life, personal growth and potential through positive lifestyle changes. I help clients make lifestyle changes that focus not only on the improvement of physical performance (movement, flexibility, etc.) but that also enables them to increase their overall well-being and sense of control. I believe that anyone can improve their quality of life with an active lifestyle.

I am continuously learning.

Through promoting health as well as committing to ongoing training, courses and workshops, I am able to share knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and direct my clients during and between their training sessions.  

I offer a personalized program for every client.

I create a personalized program that is suited to my client’s needs and personal health goals. Every program is unique and achievable. I customize each exercise type and its intensity to allow clients to challenge themselves in rewarding and enjoyable way.


I’ve been involved in health and fitness since 1998. My services are supported by a wealth of diverse training and education. My indispensable experience ensures that you will receive only the highest quality of care. My certifications include:

  • R.H.N Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (2010)
  • Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (2005)
  • Older Adult Specialist (2004)
  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness (2003)
  • Personal Trainer Specialist (2003)
  • First Aid and CPR-C
  • Licensed and insured