I started working with Jewel and she is fantastic!  She specializes in postnatal fitness and is helping me reach my goal of losing weight and getting fit. I feel very comfortable with her. She’s very down to earth, funny, real, and definitely knows her stuff. Her prices are very reasonable too. I have been to several gyms and worked with trainers before but she is by far the best I have found.

— A Milton Mom

I can’t thank Jewel enough for the excellent programs that she designed for me. I do them faithfully three times a week. I now go for 30-40 minute walks regularly, which I haven’t been able to do for several years without my knee giving way. I’m also managing my job much better. I haven’t been this mobile and confident that I won’t stumble for a long time (despite going to the gym religiously). I will be sure to continue working with Jewel. So again – THANK YOU!

— Karen Mistruzzi Canning
— Danielle Touseant BScPT, B.Kin

I had the pleasure of working with Jewel after I sustained a series of injuries in a car accident. Even after physiotherapy-guided rehabilitation, I still hadn’t fully recovered. I am a physiotherapist myself, which is a hands-on, physical job, so I required a high level of movement and function.

Also, I was accustomed to being active in the gym and running, but realized my functional movement patterns were not optimal, and would continue to aggravate my injured tissues. At that point, I started to work with Jewel.  

Jewel has expert knowledge of biomechanics and anatomical systems that she applies to correct and optimize movement. She found and corrected my compensation strategies and improved my function to a point where I no longer feel pain while exercising.

She has an experienced eye which helps to detect subtle cues, and her she helps people achieve their goals in a fun and comfortable environment. I would recommend Jewel as a Personal Training Coach to anyone who needs help achieving any level of fitness goals. I have recommended her to my own clients, who after working with Jewel have achieved great success.

If you want to have a great experience while achieving your fitness or health goals, Jewel is a perfect coach.

— Danielle Touseant BScPT, B.Kin

I started training with Jewel several years ago with a typical goal: to lose 10 lbs and look fit. At that time, I thought my eating and exercising habits were fairly healthy, but I didn’t have the look that I wanted.

As I started working with Jewel, my weekly workouts became more than just counting reps. We started discussing eating patterns, sleeping habits, and stress and Jewel got me to start setting realistic goals for myself like, “lose 2% body fat” or “drink 3 litres of water a day.”

I became less concerned with the number on the scale and more focused on how good I felt, how far I could run, or how much I could lift. I also developed a genuine interest in fitness and nutrition and became a certified trainer myself.

Jewel also helped me to overcome two injuries: a shoulder injury that I had for years and a knee injury sustained during a class at another facility. (more…)

— KH, Georgetown

I have been a client of Jewel’s for many years. I stay because of her passion and her ability to motivate me to be my best. With her expert knowledge and ability to connect with clients, Jewel is able to design programs that don’t focus on your limitations or injuries, but instead on getting you back on track to being stronger and more balanced. No matter what your injury or limitation is, Jewel can design a program to suit your needs and help you reach your goals.

— Long-term client from Milton