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I started training with Jewel several years ago – my goal was typical – To “Lose 10 lbs” and Look Fit”. At that time I thought I was eating fairly healthy and I was exercising but I didn’t have the look that I wanted.  It didn’t take me long to realize that fitness or being physically fit was a lot more than a number on a scale and appearance.

My weekly workouts with Jewel became more than counting reps, we started discussing eating patterns, sleeping habits, stress habits – Jewel made me start setting goals for myself – I should specify they had to be realistic – she wouldn’t let me get away with – “Look Fit” or “Lose 10 lbs” it had to be “Lose 2 % body fat” or “Drink 3 litres of Water”. So I did, I set a goal – I think more to appease her than for myself, but as time went on and I started to meet these goals, Jewel kept encouraging me to set more goals, to push harder, all the while she kept educating me on nutrition and exercising.

An interesting phenomenon happened; I started becoming less concerned with the number on the scale but more focused on how good I felt, how far I could run, or how much I could lift, and an interest in fitness and nutrition started to develop.  So with a little prodding or as Jewel called it encouragement; I took the course and became a certified trainer, which has lead me to start taking a nutrition course.

Jewel also helped me to overcome two injuries – one was a shoulder injury that I had for years, and the other was a knee injury that happened while I was taking a class at another facility.  The shoulder injury was due to a fall that I had when I 16, the fractures and dislocation that I suffered resulted in limited range of motion and muscle imbalances. Jewel helped me to correct the muscle imbalances and provided stretches to increase the range of motion, along with a recommendation to a massage therapist to further increase the range of motion. Jewel developed a rehabilitation plan for my shoulder – I now have a fully functioning shoulder – after 17 years!

My knee injury was a partial tear to the ACL, a strained patellar tendon and damage to the medial meniscus – I could hardly walk, I thought that my training days were over – but again Jewel modified my workouts to incorporate the appropriate strength training and stretches, Jewel also recommended a physiotherapist who provided the necessary protocol for inflammation reduction. It was a slow recovery; however I am now running races!

It’s ironic, I never did lose those 10lbs – I have actually gained – but I did lose ~10% body fat.  Many years ago I wouldn’t have understood how this would be possible or how healthy this is or probably even cared because the scale didn’t go down,  but I guess I have gained a lot more than some muscle and lost a lot more than body fat. I have gained knowledge and confidence, and I have lost a negative self image and I don’t define myself by a number anymore!


Photo taken at Kelso Conservation Area
Womens Triathlon, September 2, 2007.