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Exercise is a great way to stay in shape and feel super. Pregnancy does not change this for most women. Despite the differences in your body, exercise is still important. Some studies have suggested that exercise during pregnancy will help with an easier and shorter labor and birth, fewer cesarean surgeries, a quicker recovery postpartum, a quicker return to your pre-pregnancy weight, not to mention a healthier feeling pregnancy.  It can help to decrease fatigue—even in the first semester, by enabling a better quality sleep.  Aches and pains associated with pregnancy can be decreased. Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to help women return to their pre-pregnancy weight sooner and easier after giving birth.   Although finding time to exercise with a new baby can be challenging there are many positive rewards.  


Physical Activity is important in the maintenance of health and quality of life with age. Physical Activity reduces the health risks of a person  at any age.  Placing a physical demand on the cardiovascular system as well as regular movement of the muscles and joints helps to maintain independence for an older adult.  Resistance training for the older adult reduces the rate of muscle loss that occurs with age.  Exercise that promotes movement in a full range of motion helps to maintain flexibility and mobility.  Regular physical activity helps to reduce the risk of falls by improving balance and coordination. It can help to delay the decline of nerve functioning and reaction time.   It can reduce stress and anxiety, enabling better sleep and relaxation.  In general—physical activity helps to promote a sense of well-being and improves physiological and psychological functioning. 


Wellness is good health in the broadest context.  It involves one’s approach to living, and emphasizing the total person’s wellness.  There are many factors involved in one’s holistic health and well-being.  Health is a resource for daily living.  Many people do not have an appreciation for their health.  To be well and healthy is much more than just being free from illness and disease.  Many people will get accustomed to feeling a certain way and do not have any specific symptoms of disease.  However, they may be chronically tired and easily fatigued, depressed, tense or just bored with the way their lives are going.  This way of life is not healthy—but can be changed.  Making a lifestyle change such as choosing to become physically active requires determination and persistence.  Many clients need some assistance with motivation, goal setting and planning.  Nutrition is important to ones physical and mental well-being.  Healthy eating should not be equated with dieting, or deprivation.  The foods we eat provide our bodies with the energy we need for healthy. functioning.  Learn health promoting behaviors, weight management strategies, and how to incorporate them into your life.



The Stability Ball is a simple yet versatile tool for exercise.  It is also referred to as A Swiss Ball, Gym Ball, Fit Ball or Physio Ball.    It is the instability  of the ball that makes it a unique and useful piece of equipment.  Common complaints among office workers  of low back pain, neck and shoulder pain and tension are often improved by strengthening the core muscles.  With certain activities such as sitting, kneeling, standing, your spine is prone to come out of its neutral position,  When focused we can maintain this neutral position, but when stabilizing muscles become overtired, the posture is lost.  With good core stability, you can maintain a neutral position for a much longer time.  Since we use our core muscles in all positions and activities, strengthening them has many advantages and is preventative as well.  The more you challenge these muscles the stronger they become.  Ball exercises can improve your balance, posture, coordination , reaction time, righting reflexes, joint mobility and pain control.  They are also fun to do!


BOSU—Integrated Balance Training CERTIFIED

Neuromuscular Physiology, which helps to define human movement is the science that backs up this approach to training.  The BOSU is a device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training, or used on its own as a functional conditioning tool.  The BOSU can be used for or with sports conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic training, stabilization, balance and agility training, strength, stability and flexibility training for the entire body.  It can also be used in conjunction with resistance training, weights, bands and other equipment and with Yoga and Pilates.